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Terazije 25, Belgrade
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About us

Kasina is located in the heart of Belgrade, near the eponymous hotel. It is located in the center of town, across Terazije fountain which was built in the nineteenth century. The existence of this complex dates from 1860.godine when in this place was the old Hotel Kasina. The current hotel was built in 1922. Kasina. Kasina has a rich history which gives the cult status of the city of Belgrade. Its reputation, brand and regular guests Kasina acquired as a pub, which until recently was.
According to your wishes and increasingly we decided to visit this beautiful corner Belgrade adapt to modern trends. In its intent, we managed the renovation and modernization of the area, but also retaining the old image of Belgrade and the now traditional service of draft beer, which we have retained its authenticity and tradition.
In the shops we offer the garden, which is open throughout the day and night until the end of business hours. Beautiful view and constant circulation of people gives you the opportunity to feel the pulse of Belgrade ...
At night, this place is transformed into an oasis of fun, ease and provides you with the perfect atmosphere. Every night we organize live music on the performances of famous bands to the city hosts a large selection of beer and favorable price could enjoy a good atmosphere.